„Innovative autonomous unmanned bathymetric monitoring system for shallow waterbodies”

The aquatic environment is one of the most dynamically changing regions on Earth. One of the elements of these changes is the formation of the seabed. Knowledge of the current depth of the body of water is particularly important when: navigation in restricted areas, construction of gas pipelines, exploration of natural deposits, for state defence, scientific research, etc. Changes in the shape of the seabed are particularly noticeable in shallow water bodies (at depths of up to several metres), where they can be relevant for human safety and environmental protection, and for which the highest standards of measurement accuracy are required.

Preliminary studies have shown that multisensory data integration makes it possible to make bathymetric measurements on shallow water bodies in an accurate and precise manner, meeting the requirements for the special category IHO. It was also found that it is fundamentally difficult to determine the depth between the coastline of the shallow water body and the minimum isobate recorded by the sonar.

The aim of the project is:

Development of a prototype of a shallow water bathymetric monitoring system using autonomous flying and floating unmanned measurement platforms.

For its implementation, it is planned to:


development of a methodology for obtaining photogrametric and hydrographic data using unmanned measuring platforms in the coastal zone;


creation of a prototype optoelectronic module dedicated to an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which will enable the implementation of photogrammetric measurements in the coastal zone;


development of a method for determining the depth of shallow water bodies based on the analysis of high-resolution photos taken by the UAV.

Potential recipients of the project results may include: the Hydrographic Office of the Navy, Maritime Offices, Geodesy Offices of Marshal’s Offices, Port Authorities and the National Water Management Authority.


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