Marine Technology Ltd.

Marine Technology was founded in Gdynia in 1998. The company’s profile is conducting research and development in the field of technical sciences. Marine Technology Ltd. is a spin out company.

The main advantage of the company is cooperation with a wide range of experts in the field of navigation, hydrography, geoinformatics, geodesy and cartography, as well as graduates of the Maritime Academy. Such a combination provides a combination of experience with youthful ingenuity.

Marine Technology Ltd. undertakes a wide range of research work, with the use of modern technologies and focus on innovation is the common denominator of all undertaken orders. An extremely important issue distinguishing the company is the search for issues with real chances of practical implementation.

MT contractors have extensive scientific and practical experience in the construction of geoinformatic systems and hydrographic measurements. The research to date in the field of designing ergonomic graphic interfaces and numerous years of research in the field of electronic maps, including those gained during the development of the collection of electronic map cells for the River Information System (RIS), are worth emphasizing.

Projects implemented by MT are managed in accordance with the PRINCE2 methodology, MT contractors have appropriate qualifications in this area.

MT contractors have been members of the European RIS Harmonisation Groups, including the Inland ENC Harmonisation Group (IEHG), for many years.

It is worth noting that Marine Technology has its own complete production line for coding the cells of electronic navigational charts in both marine and inland versions. In 2013, Marine Technology has made a collection, the first in Poland, of inland electronic navigation maps covering the entire area of implementation of the Lower Oder RIS system. These maps were implemented in the Lower Oder RIS Centre.

The company headquarters are located in Gdynia and Szczecin city is a branch office.

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