Marine Technology’s participation in the MPSS project

The Marine Technology company, as a result of the completed tender, was selected to perform the contract for services related to research and measurements via an unmanned unit for the project with the acronym MPSS, that is:

„Monitoring and Observation System for Port Areas Using Floating Unmanned Mobile Research Platforms”


The project consists of the use of a mobile research platform for the Port of Gdynia and includes two very important tasks to be completed by 31 December 2023.


Task 1: Performing hydrographic measurements: bathymetric measurements and sonar surveys in the indicated port waters.

Task 2: Automatic sampling of water (surface and deep seabed) and bottom sediments at designated measuring points and measurements made with the use of a plankton grid at any time of the year.

The water samples taken from the unmanned platform are analysed by the laboratory so that a physico-chemical profile of the harbour water is generated during the project. The data, observations and analyses obtained will feed into the final report, which will include recommendations and guidance to the state administration regarding the use of unmanned platforms for research and surveying in the port area.

The implementation of solutions using unmanned platforms in the Port of Gdynia will directly contribute to the development of strong trends in the maritime industry aimed at the development of systems based on autonomy.

The aim of the MPSS project is to identify the possibilities for the accreditation of tests with water-based platforms and to provide recommendations for the unification of technical standards in this field.

You can read about the project and the participation of the HydroDron-1 unit in the following journals:

[EN] Baltic Transport Journal (pages: 62-32)

[PL] Barometr dynamiki rozwoju ISP 1 (pages: 18-19)

[PL] Dziennik Bałtycki (issue of 9 December 2021, page no. 9)


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