HydroDron tested in Górki Zachodnie

On 23, 24.09.2019. in Gdańsk the HydroDron unit was tested on water in conditions similar to reality. Control, anti-collision and hydrographic systems were tested. The two-day tests went according to plan. The HydroDron uses artificial intelligence to travel the planned route.

Marine Technology will be working on improving the HydroDron by the end of October this year. The cost of building the unit is over PLN 2.5 million, of which over PLN 2 million was obtained from the National Centre for Research and Development.

You can read more about this

at: https://www.gospodarkamorska.pl/Porty,Transport/zobacz-testy-nowoczesnego-hydrodrona-do-pomiarow-hydrograficznych.html

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