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River Information Services (RIS) are information technology (IT) related services designed to optimise traffic and transport processes in inland navigation, i.e. to enhance a swift electronic data transfer between water and shore through in-advance and real-time exchange of information. RIS aims to streamline the exchange of information between waterway operators and users (www.ris.eu).

In Poland, the system covers 97.3 kilometers of waterways of the lower Oder river from Ognicy to Szczecin, together with the Oder Eastern, Western Oder and Lake Dabie.

Pilot implementation of RIS for Lower Oder was launched in December 2013. Following the success of pilot implementation Inland Navigation Office in Szczecin commissioned preparing of the documentation for a full implementation of RIS.

The company Marine Technology Sp. Zoo. has developed a Functional – Utility Program, which is available on the following website:

The concept presented in PFU assumes:


increasing geographical coverage of RIS


the expansion of existing sensor networks (without radars)


ensure full coverage of the AIS, DGPS and VHF on an area of RIS system,


expansion of video system .


installations of the gauges on every bridge in the area of the RIS (usually doubled)


extension of the existing data networks,


construction a new part of the data network,


construction of the new headquarters of RIS center.

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