HYPACK Seminar 2018

On 22-24.10.2018 at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering PG took place the annual international HYPACK Seminar. 51 people took part in the seminar. The participants included a group of 19 WILIS students, a group of 13 employees and students from the Maritime University of Szczecin, employees of the Port of Gdansk Authority, the Maritime Office in Gdynia and Szczecin as well as participants from Germany, Romania and Serbia. The seminar ended with applause from the participants. All participants received Hypack participation certificates. The seminar covered the whole process of hydrographic works from the preparation and planning of measurement work, through the processing and filtration of data to the creation of bathymetric plans of water bodies, sonar mosaics and electronic navigational charts. The seminar was conducted in English.

Rozmiar czcionki